Auction No. 087

Old books, manuscripts, Judaica items, numismatics, coins

February 25, 2015
Opening $ 150
Estimate $ 250 - $ 300
Michtav Kodesh. Elucidation of the words of the Arizal by Rabbi Shimshon of Ostropol. Wernow, c. 1930. Published by the yeshiva of Rabbi Yosef Segal shli"ta in טשעטשאוויטץ. Unknown edition. [4] pages, 15 cm. Notice on the first page that it is auspicious to recite this once a year, particularly on the day before Passover. One who recites it is assured a year without hindrances, without tragic death and full of victory over his enemies. Not listed bibliographically and not in the National Library.
Chassidut & Kabala