Winner's Auctions No. 111

Important Historic Documents, Haskalah, Einstein, Seforim, Manuscripts and Letters from Rabbis and Rebbes

December 11, 2018
Opening $ 200
Estimate $ 300 - $ 400

Midrash Pinchas, elucidation of Chazal's aggadahs, Rabbah bar bar Chana's sayings and Sabi Dibei Atuna's aggadahs, by Rabbi Pinchas son of Shmuel of Wysokie. London, 1795. First edition.

Explanation of words and expansive commentary on the aggadahs in chapter "HaMocher et HaSefinah," and in Tractate Bechorot.

Background: The author was born in Wysokie, Lithuania in 1755. He moved to Germany and served as rabbi and preacher in Berlin. He roamed Europe, reaching England in 1790 and then moving on to Hungary and Transylvania where he passed away c. 1825. The second section has another title page and preface. Lengthy list of subscribers at the beginning of the book, comprised of London residents listed according to synagogue.

[6], 40; [1], 17 leaves. 24 cm. Additional title page for the second section.

Very fine condition other than stains on the title page. Restored, antiquated binding.