Winner's Unlimited - No. 099

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May 3, 2017
Opening $ 50
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"Devar HaMefaked [Commanders words]". A military leaf published by the headquarters of the "Blue Forces" in the IDF in 1952. 

The leaf aims to raise the soldiers' motivation for the new method of warfare which will primarily take place in enemy territory, in contrast to the preventative approach within Israeli territory which had previously been prevalent. "Your job is to appear like crushing combatant forces...who are prepared, upon receiving the command, to begin a daring operation into enemy have been used to operating in a different environment, and you will now find yourselves in territories which are like a foreign country for you...".

The leaf also mocks the "Green Army" - the branch which operates according to the old means of warfare. It also contains a cartoon with the "Green crushing units" on one side, depicted in a sloppy, weak and unprofessional manner, with unprofessional weaponry, with "our forces" on the other side, depicted as orderly, strong and straight-backed soldiers holding advanced rifles.

[1] leaf [printed on both sides], 28 cm. Aging stains. Folding marks.