Auction 120

Special Auction

3rd March 2020

Tuesday, Mar 3, 19:00 (Israel time)

 3 Shatner Center 1st Floor Givat Shaul Jerusalem

Opening $ 5,000
Estimate $ 8,000 - $ 10,000

Mission letter for Jerusalem emissary Rabbi Ya'akov Ashkenazi to the Modena community in Italy. Jerusalem, 1758.

The letter describes the mission and the emissary: He has become an elder and sits in yeshivah, travels the roads in countries of the Diaspora to collect funds for the Talmud Torah Kol Tefillah synagogue day and night, for the vapors of children's mouths - for thirteen tables, and there must be a new building constructed for the Talmud Torah. The demolition and construction will cost twenty thousand ... and also for the construction of new fences for the cemetery where several rabbis are buried.

The emissary Rabbi Ya'akov Ashkenazi [de Korona] was a Jerusalem sage. (Regarding his mission, refer to: Shluchei Eretz Yisrael pp. 396-397.)

Jerusalem rabbinic signatories:

Rabbi Rephael Meyuchas son of Rabbi Shmuel (author of Pri HaAdamah, later Rishon LeTziyon),

Rabbi Shlomo Chiya Mizrachi (son of Rabbi Yisrael Meir, author of Pri HaAretz. The Chid"a cites him several times in his book),

The youth Rephael Zerachiyah Azoulay (father of the Chid"a, one of the leading sages and dayanim of Jerusalem),

Rabbi Yom Tov Azoulay (Mahari"t Algazi, later Rishon LeTziyon),

Rabbi Pinchas Yosef Mizrachi (son of Rabbi Moshe, author of Admat Kodesh),

Rabbi Nissim Berachah (father-in-law of the Chid"a, one of the leading sages and dayanim of Jerusalem),

Rabbi Rephael Moshe Bula (author of Get MeKushar, later Rishon LeTziyon),

As well as an appeal from the administrators of Jerusalem who were in Constantinople at the time, who join the request of the Jerusalem sages, signed by:

Yehoshua Tzunitzen, Chaim Shmuel Chovev, Yitzchak ben Rabbi Shmuel Angel, Moshe Ashio, Moshe son of Rabbi Ya'akov Ashkenazi, Chaim Yosef.

Before us is an emissary's letter signed by the leading sages of Jerusalem of the period, many of whom were later appointed to the position of Rishon LeTziyon.

[1] leaf paper, 33x22 cm.

Very fine condition. Minimal aging stains.

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