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March 27, 2017
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Responsa for the wise of the nation, because of the opposition to the changes that the Reform leaders wished to institute in the Hamburg synagogue, such as changes in prayers and organ playing in synagogue, cancelling repetition of the chazan and more, by Eliezer Leiberman.

Specifications: 28 pages: [8] leaves [1] 2-52 pages. 19 cm.

Unique features: This is the first work with "revisions" to religion by the first Reformers in Germany. The pages of the book bear over twenty comments in an Ashkenazic hand, refuting the ideas in the book, disproving the weak arguments, showing that the comparisons do not compare, and attacking the exaggerated mistakes.

Content:  The first section features responsa from the Leghorn rabbis allowing an organ in the synagogue [on weekdays] and a responsum from Aaron Choriner allowing the use of the organ even on Shabbat! It also includes proofs and other dubious authorizations, all as-if with pure halachic explanations, in addition to a letter from R' Moshe Kunitzer.

Background: Torah leaders: the Chatam Sofer; Mahara"m Benet; and the Mahar"i of Lissa, author of the Netivot HaMishpat, all wrote strongly against this work and stated that it was heritical. Refer to their letters printed in Eileh Divrei HaBrit (Hamburg, 1819).

Condition: Very fine. Minimal aging stains. Simple binding.

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