Winner's Unlimited - No. 101

Holy books, letters from Rabbis and Rebbes, Judaica, Maps, Periodicals, Postcards, banknotes, Eretz Israel and Zionism

July 19, 2017
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Non-traditional Haggada, with illustrations. Stencil print of typewritten material that was partially colored by hand.

The Haggada opens with original, unknown songs about spring followed by text expressing wonder at the story of the exodus from Egypt: "There is no merging of an individual into a group throughout the world and the many generations better than this ancient pedagogical command. Is there a literary creation that better teaches to hate slavery and love freedom than the story of the servitude in Egypt? Is there another ancient memory that is entirely focused on the future...."

It refers to the Holocaust in current terms: "As per this day, that there was never one like it for evil, from the day that we went to exile....this day when we see the seed of Abraham pushed to the ghettos, the splintering of the nation, the emptying of its contents and the black death awaiting I stand I hear a knock - my brother is in confinement, in the chambers of gloom, in the camps of torture, in the desperate pits. As I lay, I hear voices - my brethren pulling flocks to slaughter, the cry of their loss is terrifying. And this is the words of our brethren who are bound in Poland to their brothers who were saved from the flames....homeland, freedom, revenge...."

Towards the end of the Haggada, there are some texts regarding rejuvenation: "We went out to change the face of the world, to put an end to the slavery of humans by times we fall but seven times we will arise, because justice is with us and the redemption of man...on the scaffolds and at the stake, in prison and over barricades, even if we fall seven times we will reawaken..." and more.

[31] leaves. 21 cm. Marginal tears to the title page, jacket and back binding.

Fine condition.

Non-traditional and kibbutz haggadah