Winner's Unlimited - No. 105

Eretz Israel and Zionism, Postcards and Photographs, Numismatics, Posters, Maps, Judaica, Holy books, Letters from Rabbis and Rebbes

February 21, 2018
Opening $ 120
Estimate $ 300 - $ 600
Sold for $ 488
Including buyer's premium

Non-traditional haggada, stencil print with illustrations. 1940. Double pages. Each set of leaves are attached at their edges.

Interspersed with passages relating to the troubles of the Jewish Nation during this critical year at the start of the Holocaust, written in current terms: "Go out and learn what did Lavan HaArami set out to do, and what others wished to do ... they trampled and did not have pity on ... Yaakov ... they were evil and waves of wickedness rage in the world. The chains of iniquity have been let loose, nations are being trampled, racists rule. The proud, free thoughts of humanity have been closed. The open battles kills tens of thousands ... an entire nation roils in its blood, brought to slaughter ... a decree of destruction stands up against us and our eyes see and are gone ... The strongest nations battle to conquer the world, and we the poor are scattered and crushed, annihialated, destroyed ..." Underneath the text of "Avadim Hayinu" there is an illustration of an SS soldier kicking a Jew in the street with Jews doing forced labor in the background.

[26] pages. 22 cm. Tear, reinforced with tape, on the front binding. Light tears in the bottom of the binding margins. Very fine condition.

Non-traditional and kibbutz haggadah