Winner's Unlimited - No. 105

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February 21, 2018
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Kibbutz Maoz Chaim Sturman - Non-traditional Haggada, printed by stencil with impressive illustrations. Difficult texts characterizing the Holocaust survivors, shell-shocked in the face of the magnitude of the tragedy. Missing [1] leaf at the start.

The title page notes: L'Yesha U'LiOrot - Seder Leil Pesach 1944. Along with original spring songs there are difficult texts pertaining to the Holocaust: "We have all been orphaned, orphaned of our parents, I have been orphaned of our only child, of a young wife, of my whole family, the whole settlement has been orphaned, the nation has been orphaned from the center of Judaism, Where is Polish Jewry? Where is the Chassidic center? Where is the Torah center? Where is the center of pioneering Zionism? Who will replace the Jewish youth of Poland, Lithuania, Lativa, Estonia? I saw hundreds and thousands of death cars. When I sat in my house in the paths of Lemberg, as if a pure Aryan, I saw the deaths cars and I heard the "HaTikva" song from the Jewish youth of Lemberg from within the death cars. I heard a mother calling her son - "remember my son, to take revenge!" Because the destruction is very great, greater than you imagine, we have six-million martyrs, friends. Only a handful remain: one out of ten thousand, and that's it. The Russian Jews have been lost from European Russia ... The Polish Jew, the Lithuanian, the German, the French, the Belgian and the Dutch ..." The lengthy text ends with the words: "Call for salvation! Call for revenge!" and more.

The Maoz Chaim kibbutz was founded in 1937. Its first group of settlers were from the Tenuat HaKibbutz HaMeuchad and were joined by three groups of settlers from "Akiva", "Messed" and "Mesila" of the Shomer HaTzair. Most of the members of the kibbutz served in the Palmach and fought in the battles of the Israeli War of Independence.

[24] leaves. Missing [1] leaf at the start. Tear along the front binding, taped. Loss to the bottom of the front binding - about 1 cm. wide along its length, light tears in the margins. Minimal stains near the staple. The back binding is partially detached [reinforced with tape]. P. 9 has a light restored tear that does not affect the text.

Fine condition.

Non-traditional and kibbutz haggadah