Winner's Unlimited - No. 101

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July 19, 2017
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The first haggada of Kibbutz Menara, stencil print with simple-styled illustrations.

The Haggada integrates lengthy, difficult texts regarding the Holocaust of European Jewry and the rebuilding of the nation in the Holy Land. "Today is like the day of horrors, the day when sorrowful lordship reigns throughout the world, the day on which the flags of workers have been trampled throughout Europe and the enemy has hurt all those they have captured and capture can this abomination exist on blood? How have we been abandoned by G-d and people; how have we been murdered throughout the world without revenge? For no sin!...permission was given to the destroyer to destroy, harm and decimate, the wheel has turned on the scattered ones of Israel. Those who prophesized the end couldn't predict what has happened: a breach worse than all breaches; destruction worse than all destruction...." The text also refers to the Jews in the ghetto: "How can you battle there, those who live in the darkness of the ghetto? Will they have enough strength to carry the burden of their troubles....with what can I bless you with my sister in the house of death - that you will still merit to join us?"

It additionally includes text regarding settling the Holy Land: "The Jewish Nation will no longer be a frightened slave in the Diaspora. The Jewish nation will return to its land, the Jewish Nation will build its country...they were burned, there is no place where we can regress. There is only one way of life before Israel - to his land...we will not abandon our blood!....and you will not frighten us!...there is only one path, in his land to be redeemed! In his one land! Eretz Yisrael! etc.

The Menara Kibbutz was established on the 20th of January, 1943 by a nucleus of youth from the Noar HaOved and a group of German and Poland immigrants, on a mountain, 880 meters above sea level.

The National Library has a kibbutz haggada from 1946. This haggada is not in its collection.

[24] leaves. 16x20 cm. Missing the back cover, professionally replaced.

Fine condition.

Non-traditional and kibbutz haggadah