Winner's Unlimited - No. 105

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February 21, 2018
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Non-traditional haggadah with illustrations published by HaShomer HaTzair's holiday committee - third edition - Passover [1945]

The haggadah is characterized by texts about the destruction and texts about the resurrection opposite each other: "How is this night different from all other nights ... while the cry of the children of Israel still arises from the lands of their exile ... what has changed ... that we are happy in our labor and building while they plot to restrict us?" or: "In every generation Israel groans ... under the burden of their bondage ... in every generation, the indignation of the oppressed bursts forth to cast off the burden ... towards a new spring, towards a new life, towards hope for liberation and resurrection ..."

Harsh text appears describing the horrors of the Holocaust: Land and continent became one great house of bondage, a place of killing for the dispersed of Israel, the threat came to the gates of our homes and we opened a passageway ... killed en masse ... by the human beast which appeared in all its nakedness ... deceit of evildoers and conspiracy of Satan and the slaughterhouses built to destroy and murder. The Jewish communities who are left with not even a remnant ... the mother who strangled the fruit of her womb in sheer terror ... the thousands and tens of thousands brought like sheep to the slaughter with neither strength nor deed ..." There is also text which refers to partisan activity: "In the darkness of cellars and thickness of woods, we learned to grasp weapons, kill seven enemies for each one and cheer each evildoer killed, every (train)car smashed, every train destroyed ..." A harrowing "Yizkor" text appears for those killed in the Holocaust. Text expressing hope, under the title: "We will yet light beacons in the mountaintops!"

Rare Haggadah, does not appear in the National Library.

32 pages, 22 cm.

Except for two slight stains on the binding, very fine condition.

Non-traditional and kibbutz haggadah