Winner's Unlimited - No. 107

Eretz Israel and Zionism, Postcards and Photographs, Numismatics, Posters, Maps, Judaica, Holy books, Letters from Rabbis and Rebbes - Buyer's commission 22%

May 8, 2018
Opening $120
Estimate $300 - $500
Sold for $146
Including buyer's premium

Non-traditional Haggadah, stencil print with illustrations. Printed on one side of the page [left].

Interesting haggadah with 'reading passages' and 'musical passages.' In contrast to kibbutz haggadahs with a Yizkor text appearing towards the end of the haggadah, in this haggadah, it appears on the first page: 'We will remember brothers and sisters, parents and children who fell in war in the Jewish communities in the diaspora, by sword, expulsion and starvation. We will remember brothers and sisters, parents and children who fell in the disgrace of people and humanity.'

Immediately following this, passages alluding to the terrible results of the Holocaust, starting with the words: 'My eyes fail with tears upon the ruination of the daughter of my people.' 'In darkness I am like the dead of the world ... Death has arisen upon our windows, to destroy a child outside, young men in the street ... because with great ruination has the young woman of my people been ruined, a very harsh blow ... and great is the chaos surrounding, and terror surrounds the chaos, there is no escape ... the chaos will swallow them all, the wind will carry, and as they have been lost they will be lost ... how have our daughters been forfeited? How have our young men been slaughtered!? How have our elders been lost?! ... Ah, they who have burned our children alive, they who have strangled the choice and pure with their filthy hands under harsh waves - Can this blood be avenged and even more be paid? ...

The story of the exodus from Egypt appears after that in the original language, and there are a number of interesting passages under the title 'Dayan din,' 'Mah Yafit HaAviv', 'Kumi Tzei' and more.

Kibbutz Ramat HaKovesh was established in the southern Sharon in August 1932 after seven years of preparation by the 'HaKovesh' group which got organized in a 'HeChalutz' suburb of Vilna and was the first 'Kibbutz HaAliyah' of the movement.

[18] leaves. 21 cm. Very fine condition.

Non-traditional and kibbutz haggadah