Winner's Unlimited - No. 105

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February 21, 2018
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A non-traditional Haggadah, published by the Culture Committee of the United Kibbutz Movement, without stating the year. 1940's [apparently 1948]. Illustrated.

Alongside original poems about spring and excerpts connected to current events which characterized the 1940's kibbutz haggadot is an interesting text about "The suffering of the difficult times" which discusses the tension in the Land of Israel, apparently during the War of Independence in 1948: "The suffering of the difficult times, a land under siege, strong flashes of fire light us up in the light of the great danger. If only the covenant of the besieged would awaken in us, which would make us daring, united and independent... the country is tired of killings. The land hungers and prays for peace and its hand is on the butt of its rifle, what do they know about us, those who discuss and bargain about our very existence?... On the festival of freedom, our cry goes out to the multitudes of the Jewish People who are being gathered from the Diaspora: Our house is open! Come!".

The Steiner List notes that this Haggadah appeared without a date, and that various additions were added to it over the years. The haggadah before us is one of the early ones which appeared with no date.

[20] leaves, 24 cm. Filing holes connected with a string [originally].

Non-traditional and kibbutz haggadah