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January 21, 2019
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Handwritten and signed letter from Rabbi Kalman Kahane to Rabbi Meir Karelitz. Numerical calculations handwritten by the Chazon Ish appear on the reverse of the letter. 1940.

The letter itself is interesting; it deals with the spiritual influence of the new immigrants. Rabbi Kalman Kahane requests that Rabbi Meir Karelitz come to him for help with a solution to a number of burning spiritual issues: "We have a number of educational/cultural questions, and religious ones ... burning issues which require solutions ... it is essential to awaken friends, aside from scrupulousness in mitzvahs and caution and zealousness ... the many dispensations given in the Land (such as milking on Shabbat - which have been dispensed; working on shemittah, sowing mixed feed for animals with no supervision so as to avoid hybrids and such), some people have the impression ... that there is a dispensation for everything ..." As aforesaid, the letter was in front of the Chazon Ish and on its reverse, he wrote various calculations.

23x29 cm. Official paper. Cut in the lower left corner. Fold marks. Fine condition.

Letters from rabbis