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Holy books, Manuscripts, Rabbinical & Admors letters, Americana & Judiaca

March 27, 2017
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Two prominent works, bound together.

1> Sefer Orach Mishor. Novellae and comments on Tractate Nazir and omissions from the Darchei Moshe of the Rema and Orach Mishor on Yoreh Deah, by Rabbi Yochanan Kremnitzer.
Specifications: [2], 44: 8: 6 leaves. 29 cm.
Unique features: The title page bears the signature of Rabbi Dovid Tevele Katzenelboigen, Av Beit Din Petersburg, author of Mei Neftoach on Tractate Ketubot. 
Background: In 1792, Rabbi Yochanan Kremnitzer first printed his Darchei Moshe Yoreh Deah with his Orach Mishor novellae, which featured a critique on the Minchat Yaakov on the Torat Chatat authored by the Shevut Yaakov. The Shevut Yaakov's son, Rabbi Shimon, defended his father's positions and printed his rebuttal in Shemen L'Mincha together with the Minchat Yaakov. At the end of this work, the author of Orach Mishor replies to the critique of the Shemen L'Mincha.
Condition: Fine. Minimal marginal worming holes. One of the fundamental works on Tractate Nazir, with mistaken texts.

2> Levyat Chen and Ohr Yekarot. Halachic and aggadic novellae in the order of the weekly Torah readings. Levyat Chen was authored by Rabbi Aryeh Leib son of Shmuel Gershon of Jerusalem; Ohr Yekarot was written by his son, Rabbi Yosef Binyamin Zev.
Specifications: [1], 59 leaves.
Unique features: Includes an approbation from the "Pnei Yehoshua", who did not write many approbations.
Condition: Fine.