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January 21, 2019
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Orah V'Simchah - first reader for children by Chaim Mandelbaum with pictures by Kalonimus Rotaschild. Three different versions of the book: the first is published by Kaufman, Leipzig 1930, the second was printed in Basel in 1944 and the third was printed by Maccabi in 1952.

Vowelized reading passages for children. Along with general passages from a child's daily life, there are passages dealing with Shabbat, holidays, blessings and prayers. ["Today is Shabbat eve. My mother is cooking meat, vegetables and fish, my sister is going to the baker ... my father sends me to the wine merchant ... we wear beautiful clothes in honor of Shabbat ..."]. It is interesting to note that there is an astonishingly professional illustration in minimalist outlines including all the motifs surrounding the song "Echad Mi Yodea," which is brought in full. There is an introduction in German.

43 pages 23 cm. All three editions have a beautiful red binding with an illustration of Shabbat candles. Overall fine-very fine condition.

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