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Chabad, Amulets and Belongings of Tzaddikim, Kabala & Chassidic books, Slavuta and Zhitomir Prints, Manuscripts and Letters from Rabbis

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Wednesday, September 11

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Especially large-format machzor for prayer leaders, in large letters. With the HaPardes commentary, arranged by R. Moshe Shadil bar Avraham, and supplements by R. Chaim Feurst and R. Elchanan Hendel. Important approbations, among them an approbation by the Yave"tz.

Pair of elegant, impressive machzorim, with a comprehensive commentary, laws and customs. Special copperplate title pages. Illustrations of the Zodiac in the prayers for rain and for dew. Printed on thick, deluxe paper. 

* Part I: Prayers for weekdays and the Sabbath, Selichot and prayers from Rosh Chodesh Elul to Yom Kippur. 

[4], 202, 134 leaves. Like in many other copies, the leaves of errata at the end do not appear. 32 cm. Original simple binding. 

* Part II: Prayers for weekdays and the Sabbath, prayers and Selichot from Sukkot to Shabbat Ekev. 

[4], 388 leaves. Without the additional last leaf. 33 cm. Original leather binding with clasps (the lower one is torn). Placed in a matching cardboard slipcase. 

Overall fine condition. 

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