Auction No. 098

Holy books, Manuscripts, Rabbinical & Admors letters, Americana & Judiaca

March 27, 2017
Opening $1,000
Estimate $1,300 - $1,500

A large parochet (curtain) for an Aron Kodesh (Holy Ark) decorated with decorations of plants and flowers in gilded threads.

Description: A large parochet, 178x110 cm.  

Made of red cloth adorned in gilded metal threads with edges also decorated very delicately and closely together. Part of a red velvet mantel for a Torah scroll was sewed onto the center of the parochet, and written on it "Donated by Eliyahu Binyamin Calcutta". Dots on top of the letters show that the parochet, or perhaps only the mantel itself, was made in the year 1896.

Condition: Very fine. 

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