Auction No. 113

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Apr 8, 2019

Auction No. 113

Opening $3,000
Estimate $8,000 - $10,000

Personal copy from which the Divine kabbalist Rabbi Yehudah Fatiyah prayed, includes songs, comments, glosses, elucidations, and the history of his family, all handwritten by him.

Moadim LeSimchah, prayers for the three pilgrimage festivals according to the custom of the holy community of Baghdad and its branches. Baghdad, [1907]. With the Passover Haggadah, Baghdad, [1908].

On the title page, his handwritten Hebrew signature: The young Yeudah Moshe Yeshuah Fatiyah. On the leaves of the Machzor, Rabbi Fatiyah handwrote glosses and corrections, together with explanations.

In addition, Rabbi Fatiyah composed three songs and wrote them in the machzor:

A. At the beginning of the machzor on the binding leaf "A song for the Ten Remembrances Arabic tune and the beginning of the verses are שמעו"ן יהוד"ה". The song is filled with supplications for the return to the Land of Israel, the Temple and Jerusalem.

B. At the end of the machzor on the binding leaf of a booklet of tekufot and mazalot that was added to the machzor, a rhymed song about the Divine Presence.

C. On the last leaf of the machzor at the end of the booklet of tekufot and mazalot "a song written for the Ten Remembrances" Arabic tune. The song is similar to that on the first page of the machzor, yet with a variation.

In the composition Eleh Moadei Hash-m about determining the years, which was bound with the machzor, Rabbi Fatiyah wrote several gematriyahs beside the years referred to by the calendar.

The crowning glory of the book: the history of the kabbalist, his family and children, all handwritten by him. A detailed and precise list of his children, with the date and time of their births, and the death date of those who had passed away in his lifetime. At the end, an addition by his son Rabbi Shaul Fatiyah: My father and crown of my head had passed away on Monday at 13:00 the 27th of Av 1942, the Torah portion Shoftim VeShotrim, and was buried on the same day ...!" (Hebrew).

Moderate condition. Aging and usage stains. Brittle paper. Light tears in several leaves. Original chafed half-leather binding.

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