Winner's Unlimited - No. 109

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August 21, 2018
Opening $ 80
Estimate $ 150 - $ 200

Photograph showing 'Students in the Jewish Institute for the Blind in Jerusalem, Learning a Craft' - from the first years of the institute, c. 1902.

The famous institute was founded in the old city of Jerusalem after an incident that happened near the merchant Nachum Nathanson's home, when a blind child who was not connected to any educational or occupational framework was injured. This inspired R' Chaim Michel Michlin and Rabbi Avraham Moshe Luntz [who was blind] and Dr. Gershon Yitzchak Krishevsky to found an educational and occupational framework for blind children, so that they would be educated and not wander in the streets. After some time, the institute moved to HaNeviim Street at the intersection of Munbaz Street, and in 1931 it set up residence in the Kiryat Moshe neighborhood in Jerusalem.

Size: 18x13 cm. Fine condition.

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