Auction No. 087

Old books, manuscripts, Judaica items, numismatics, coins

February 25, 2015
Opening $ 280
Estimate $ 350 - $ 400
Pleitat Beit Yehuda. Responsa by Rabbi Yeuda Lerma. Venice, 1674. Only edition. Signature of Rabbi Shlomo of Dubno. 80 [2] leaves, 20 cm. The authored was noted for his Lechem Yehuda on Tractate Avot. In his introduction, his disciple, Rabbi Simcha b"r Gershon HaKohen, writes that his teacher wrote about 400 halachic responsa, but they were all burnt in a terrible conflagration. He found 29 responsa that survived the inferno, and that's why he named the book "Pleitat Beit Yehuda". Owner signature at the top of the title page: שלמה מדובנא. Rabbi Shlomo of Dubno [1739-1817] was a disciple of Rabbi Shlomo of Chelm, author of "Markevet HaMishnah". He had a very large, distinguished library and published many works. Bookplate of Dr. Louis Epstein. Worn binding. Reinforced behind the title page and leaf 4. Solitary worming hole to a few beginning leaves. Fine condition. Vinograd, Venice 1274.
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