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March 27, 2017
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Collection of Maimonides' writings in a number of translations. Oxford, 1655. 

Specifications: Two sections with separate title pages. [20], 355, [2], 436, [28] pages. Paper. 19 cm. Judeo-Arabic, Latin. Mispaginated. Complete.

Unique features: Study of Maimonides' Torah in a large assortment of languages. Published in England, even before the Jews were allowed to return and live there. 

Porta Mosis [Moses' Gate]. Peirush HaMishnah written by Rabbi Moshe ben Maimon [Maimonides] in its original language, Arabic in Hebrew letters. With Latin translation on facing columns by Edward Pocock (1604-1691). Oxford, 1654-1655.
This was the first of the Rambam's Arabic writing to be published in its original language. This was also the first publication of the Oral Torah and its commentary, in Judeo-Arabic (Arabic in Hebrew letters). Written with much punctiliousness, relevant till today. Based on Maimonides' own manuscript that translator Edward Pocock found in Aleppo, Syria. The manuscript is currently located in the Bodleian library.
The book includes all Maimonides' introductions for the six 'sedarim' of the Mishnah in addition to his commentary on Ethics of the Fathers and the Shemonah Perakim L'Rambam . 

Background: Edward Pocock was a philologist, Professor of Semitic languages at Oxford and one of the foremost European, non-Jewish scholars of his time. He founded the basis for future Judeo-Arabic studies. Refer to Peamim, p. 2004, p. 7-13 regarding this book and its author.

Condition: Fine. The first leaves are loose. Small hole in the side that goes through the first 140 pages. Two attached leaves are detached from the book. Aging stains. Antiquated parchment binding with tear in spine.

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