Auction No. 084

Old books, manuscripts, maps, judaika objects and Jewish art

April 1, 2014
Opening $100
Estimate $150 - $130

Colored poster. "Vilner Kloisen, Batei Medrash and Minyanim". New York, 1960's.
The person behind the publication of this notice was Leizer Ran (1912-1995) who wanted to publish a book in an album format on the community of Vilna. The album with its historic pictures is ??????/ legends in four languages: Hebrew, Yiddish, English and Russian. As an example of his work he published this poster which has in the center a picture of the main synagogue in Vilna. It is noteworthy to mention that there were 160 Batei Knesset and Batei Medrash, public houses of prayer and private minyans.
[1]leaf, 40*54 cm.
Small tears on the white edges. A few stains due to age. Fold marks. Good condition. An interesting memento of the Yerushalayim of Lithuania.

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