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January 21, 2019
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"The section about the participation of women in the elections ... is against Jewish conduct, and against the spirit of the nation in general, and until this innovation is removed, no upright Jew is to participate in the elected assembly."

Poster on behalf of Rabbi Avraham Yitzchak Kook in which he opposes election of women to the Vaad HaLeumi. On the right is the decision of the assembly of rabbis in the Land of Israel, with Rabbi Kook at their head. An "open letter" is on the left. In this printed letter, Rabbi Kook proves the prohibition in three ways: 'Efforts to prevent mixed-gender groups is a thread woven throughout the Torah, and it is certainly against Torah law that any public innovation of public conduct bring to such mass gender mixing, in a group and for one purpose in regular public life.' He later adds: 'And it is worth emphasizing that we are taking steps towards our redemption not in order to be disciples of the European culture which is bankrupt of morality and purity ..."

Rabbi Kook's printed signature appears in the margins of the poster. Salomon Press.

48x60 cm. Fold marks. Stains. Tears in the margins. Moderate condition.