Auction No. 113

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Apr 8, 2019

Auction No. 113

Opening $ 1,200
Estimate $ 1,400 - $ 1,600

Compilation of prayers, supplications, liturgical poetry, study passages and readings for Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur according to the customs of the kabbalist Sephardim of Italy.

Includes: Intentions for Keri'at Shema, prayer for livelihood, the order of the Rosh HaShanah meal with all the significant omens, the order of the shofar blowing with sunrise - see below. The order of the shofar blowing with (kabbalistic) intentions, a prayer preceding the prayers, Eliyahu's prayer, a prayer for removing the Torah from the ark, prayers and selichot for Yom Kippur and for the Ne'ilah prayer.

Seder Teki'ot L'Netz HaChammah (the order of Shofar blowing with sunrise) - the custom and the polemic.

On leaves 19b-26a, 'Seder Teki'ot L'Netz HaChammah' was written with the kabbalistic intentions for the shofar blowing. Written at the top: 'A custom of the early pious ones is to gather in the synagogue to hear the shofar blowing with the sunrise, and this the order.' This custom to blow the shofar with the sunrise on Rosh HaShanah - before prayers - was common among the kabbalist Sephardim as well as among the kabbalists of Italy. It was also the custom of the Reme"z and his disciple the Raba"ch. However, the Chid"a wrote that this blowing of the shofar has no source in the words of the Ar"i, z"l, and although one of the leading rabbis of Italy wrote him reliable sources for this custom, he did not accept his words and did not find support for them in the Ar"i's writings. He therefore wrote that the custom should be cancelled, and this is what he heard from our rabbi the Rasha"sh [see his book of responsa, Chaim Sha'al, section II, Siman 10, letter 3]. Enclosed is an article about the custom and the polemic against it.

102, [1] leaves. 19x12 cm. Straight, neat vowelized block script. On the three final pages: 'Prayer for the earthquake B"M [Bar minan]' in Italian script. Fine condition. Aging stains. Original detached leather binding.

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