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January 21, 2019
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"Prayer offered up in the Sephardic synagogues in London and its suburbs, on Shabbat when the portion Chukat is read, 1872, for the success of Sir Moshe Montefiore's journey to Russia.

Montefiore visited Russia in 1872 and was received by Czar Alexander II. This special prayer to be said in Sephardic synagogues was composed for the occasion. There was a parallel prayer composed for the Ashkenazic synagogues in London.

The title page is also in English: "Prayer offered up in the Spanish and Portuguese Jews’ Synagogues of England, on Sabbath, July 13th, 5632 for the success of Sir Moses Montefiore’s journey to Russia."

[3] pages, 21 cm. Hebrew and English. Jacket cover.

Very fine condition.

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