Auction No. 113

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Apr 8, 2019

Auction No. 113

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Protocol of the meeting of the "Vaad Katan" in Modena with names of the participants and decisions they reached regarding studies at the Meirei Shachar yeshivah and the beit din arrangements. "Upon the meeting of the 'Vaad Katan' leaders' gathering here in Modena on Sunday ... Sivan [1660] in the home of the minister David Tzeva ..."

The decision to designate rabbinical courts and various related arrangements was made with the participation of kabbalist Rabbi Binyamin HaLevi (disciple of the Ariza"l, teacher of Reme"z), a visitor from Safed. The protocol states: "Along with the leaders of ... Modena ... the presence of the wondrous in wisdom and piety ... from the Holy Land ... the G-dly kabbalist, wise and perfect Rabbi Binyamin HaLevi ... who was in Modena when this committee met ..."
Rabbi Hillel Modena, son of the author of Maavar Yabok, was included among the other participants at the gathering.

The Meirei Shachar Yeshivah: In 1614, the great kabbalist Rabbi Aharon Berachia of Modena established the Meirei Shachar Society. Its goal was to awaken at midnight to sing in honor of Hash-m. It seems that the yeshivah's activities extended to daytime study of the Talmud.

Along with two other documents - authorizations regarding tax payment collected by the "Vaad Katan" of Modena for [1662-1665]. The authorization from 1665 is signed by witnesses: Moshe Fuah, Yehudah Korayo, Yehudah Rabbeinu, Shlomo Galiko.

[6] pages. 28x19 cm. Fine condition. Minimal stains and tears without blemish to the text.

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