Auction No. 113

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Apr 8, 2019

Auction No. 113

Opening $ 2,500
Estimate $ 3,000 - $ 3,500

References and index for all the verses in Torah, Prophets and Writings and the five megillahs, where they are explained in the Babylonian Talmud and the small tractates.

The first one who composed this literary type was Rabbi Aharon of Pissaro. His book Toldot Aharon was first printed in Frieberg in 1583. Rabbi Yaakov Sasportas added to this with references for the Jerusalem Talmud and called it Toldot Yaakov (Amsterdam 1652). Following them, Rabbi Aharon son of Shmuel printed a book of this type with many supplements called Beit Aharon which was printed in Frankfurt in 1690. The Chid"a writes about this work, 'Very important and necessary.'

This manuscript which includes references for the Babylonian Talmud, is this same type of book, but it is independent and not copied from any of them.

[71] leaves. 20x15 cm.

Owner's signature on leaf 15b: I, Yaakov, son of Yitzchak Shalit. Different script starting from leaf 16b. Colophon at the end of Chronicles:סליק דברי הימים בעזרת רם על רמים יתברך שמו לעולמי עולמים [End of Chronicles, with the help of the highest upon high, may his Name be blessed forever].

Fine-very fine. The last page has a tear with a slight lack. Wide margins. Minimal stains in the margins. New half-leather binding.

Manuscripts from Ashkennaz