Auction No. 087

Old books, manuscripts, Judaica items, numismatics, coins

February 25, 2015
Opening $ 200
Estimate $ 300 - $ 500
* פואיזיאס ריליג'ייוזאס דיליאס סאנטאס פ'ייסטאס. Prayers and hymns for the holidays, by Elya R. Karmona. Istanbul – Constantinople. [1930]. [5], 87 pages. Ladino. Especially rare work. Not listed in A. Yaari's list of Ladino works. Missing the last 4 leaves. The copy in Ginzei Yisrael is also incomplete. Not bound. Fine condition. Ginzei Yisrael, Mehlman 1533. * Shirei Yisrael B'Eretz HaKedem. Complete edition. Constantinople, 1921. Collection of various songs recited in the Adrianople, Turkey community, by Binyamin Refael B[n] Yosef. Istanbul-Constantinople. 1921. Complete edition. 8, 16, 252 pages. 18.5 cm. Includes more than 500 songs recited on Shabbat, holidays and happy occasions in the Adrianople community in Turkey. With an index of maqam melodies. Large work, significant for the study of the history of Turkish Jewry and their customs. Lengthy, important letter by historian Shlomo Rozanes, and a letter from Chaim Nachman Bialik [!]. A parallel, abridged edition of this work was printed. Instructions in Ladino for some songs. Especially rare book. New binding. Small tears in the first leaves. Fine condition. Additional poems were added in a clear hand at the end of the book.