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October 24, 2017
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Proclamation of the Reform rabbis of the United States against the Balfour Declaration which proclaimed "The Establishment of a National Home for the Jewish Nation in Palestine." Chicago, 1918. Rare. Not found in the National Library.

Specifications: [1] leaf, paper. 14x21 cm.

Content of the Resolution: The Conference expresses its appreciation for the good will toward the Jews expressed by the Balfour Declaration. They are in favor of Jews being able to immigrate to Palestine, as well as anywhere else, and to enjoy equality in political, civil and religious rights. Nevertheless, they oppose the declaration that "Palestine is to be a national homeland for the Jewish people." In its opinion, Judaism is a religion, not a nationality: the Jews are not a nation without a land, but rather belong to any place in which they live, and as such they should be considered. Jews, like the members of any other religion, are entitled to live and assert their message anywhere in the world. Jews in America are part of the American nation, and they have no need for a "national home" in the Land of Israel. The current ideal of the Jew, as they define it, is not the establishment of a Jewish state or to renew the antiquated idea of the revival of the Jewish nation. The survival of Judaism depends on its historic religious role to witness [the existence of] G-d, and not in receiving the Palestine as a homeland for the Jewish people.

The Central Conference of American Rabbis (The CCAR) was founded in 1889, and is the largest and most long-standing organization of Reform rabbis in America.

Condition: Excellent.