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June 20, 2017
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Novellae on tractates Shabbat and Brachot by Rabbi Yaakov Ginzburg. Prague, 1814. With self dedication, handwritten comments and the signature of Rabbi Israel Lissa of Prague.

Specifications: [1], 41, 65, [1] leaves. 34 cm. First edition.

Unique Features: An ownership inscription is on the book's title page: "This notebook which finds favor in the eyes of knowledgeable men, was sent from the Rabbi the author as a gift to me, Israel Lissa". Some fifteen glosses, most of them long, in his handwriting, are throughout the book's pages.

Background: Rabbi Israel Lissa, Av Beit Din of Klodi in the Prague region, was one of the great scholars of Prague in the generation of the disciples of the Noda B'Yehuda. Sharp and knowledgeable, he was a friend of the great scholars of Prague, the author of Teshuva M'Ahava, Rabbi Bezalel Regensburg, Rabbi Shmuel Segal Landau, Rabbi Shmuel Leib Koider author of Olat Shmuel. Discussions with him and responsa to him were printed in all of the aforementioned books, many responsa to him from Rabbi Shmuel Segal Landau were printed in the responsa Noda B'Yehuda Tanina. He edited the books Seder Mishna by Rabbi Wolf Boskowitz, and Ye'elat Chen of the Maharal Tzintz, with whom he was extremely friendly (refer to Shemen Rokeach page 71a).

Condition: Very fine. Aging stains.