Why Sell at Auction?

An auction involves the sale of items by presenting them at suggested prices and selling them at the highest offered bid. In economics, an auction is a means of designating the value of an item with an unknown, fluctuating price. There is historic evidence of auctions held as far back as 500 B.C.
Owners are often unaware of the true value of their antique items and sell them at low prices to dealers. At auction, you will generally earn the true value of the item, and in many situations, even more. If even just two people are interested in the same lot, they can raise the price of the item two or three times above its genuine market value.

Why Sell through Winner’s?

Winner’s Auctions provides free and discreet professional guidance and consultation services by leading specialists in the field. We advise owners in regards to items sold through our auction, in addition to providing information about other means of selling items at the highest possible price.
Winner’s is a branch of the most senior auction house in Israel – Judaica Jerusalem. We have over 30 years’ experience with international-level auctions and a large database of buyers throughout the world.
We can arrange discreet meetings at a customer’s home or in our office and help guide clients throughout the auction process. With the integrity and professional service of Winner’s Auctions, you will be confident that you’ve received the maximum price for your items placed at auction.
95% of the clients who have sold through Winner’s have returned to enjoy our auction services.