Auction No. 113

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Apr 8, 2019

Auction No. 113

Opening $ 600
Estimate $ 1,000 - $ 2,000
Sold for $ 2,928
Including buyer's premium

Sermons on the weekly Torah readings and various subjects, compilations, notes and poems in the hand of Rabbi Yitzchak Shlomo Sathon of Tiberias.

Rabbi Yitzchak Shlomo signed his name a number of times in the manuscript (the signature was compared to a copy of his signature in the Sefer Teveriah, p. 307), and a few times he calls himself בר"ת אי"ש צעיר. Three leaves in a different hand, headed with the date 1836, were not written by him.

Rabbi Yitzchak Shlomo was an erudite Torah scholar, who worked as a Sofer Stam and sold books to earn a living, since he did not want to support himself directly through his Torah studies. He passed away in Tiberias in 1931. His epitaph states that he was a "... rabbi and righteous person, pious and humble, diligent in Torah, straight and loyal, beloved by the Heavens and amongst people." He left behind other manuscripts that are in the Ben Zvi Institute in Jerusalem.

[128] leaves (about 40 are blank). 20x14 cm. Thick paper, Oriental hand. Very fine condition. Beautiful new binding.

Manuscripts, Letters and Glosses by Sages