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June 20, 2017
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A manuscript of a book of sermons written by Rabbi Aharon Furth, in the author's handwriting [Furth, which is Firth next to Nuremberg], 1780's.

Specifications: [137] leaves, paper. 16x19 cm. Autograph. On the endpaper is a stamp: "Aharon Furth" and many ownership signatures, including Rabbi Yosef HaCohen Schwartz [1875-1944. Editor of "VaYelaket Yosef" of Grosswardein] who writes: "This ledger of Torah novellae was written by Rabbi Aharon son of Raphael, the dayan of Furth."

Unique Features: The manuscript begins with the title "Apology" followed by a piyut with the acrostic "Aharon Furth". This is followed by [70] sermons on the Torah and festivals, on Talmudic topics, for the completion of tractates, circumcision and weddings. At the end of the manuscript, the author added an index of the book's sermons. On page 116 [b] is a eulogy written by Rabbi Aharon on Rabbi Zvi Hirsch Yanuv [Rabbi Zvi Hirsch Charif], Rosh Yeshiva and Av Beit Din of Furth, who died in 1785. To the best of our knowledge, this work was never published.

Background: Rabbi Aharon son of Rabbi Raphael of Furth (- 1800), was a dayan in Furth. He was appointed to the beit din of Rabbi Meshulam Zalman Cohen, author of Bigdei Kehuna, together with the other dayanim of his community, Rabbi Yosef HaLevi Frankel-Gossdorf, Rabbi Asher Alces and Rabbi Yaakov son of Rabbi Zelig Mertzbach, who supported the publishing of the grammar book by Rabbi Moshe Hakim HaCohen Hoichheimer, who was a dayan and Torah teacher in Furth. His period was an era of growth in Furth, and many hundreds of students studied in its large and famous yeshiva.

For information about Rabbi Zvi Hirsch Yanuv, refer to the book HaYeshiva HaRama B'Furth, part two, pages 263-303, and refer there in comment 212 to the list of eulogies said and written about him.

Condition: Fine-very fine. A few stains, a small amount of the text is faded.