Auction No. 100

Rare and special items

June 20, 2017
Opening $ 800
Estimate $ 1,500 - $ 2,000

* Sermons for the portions of Bereishit-Ha'azinu, a sermon belonging to the portion of Vayetzei, a sermon for circumcisions, a sermon for parshat zachor, in the name of the Shelah, for the festival of Succot, on matters related to the giving of the Torah, topics related to weddings.

Specifications: 108 pages, paper. 10x17 cm.

Unique Features: The manuscript was in the library of the Admor Rabbi Nachum Dov Friedman of Sadigora, refer to: The List of Manuscripts (99) of the Library of Rabbi... Rabbi Nachum Dov Friedman of Sadigora, 1100. To the best of our knowledge the manuscript was never published.

Content: The manuscript begins with the words: "With the help of G-d I will begin on Monday 12 copy sermons from the ledger before me, Meir Ber, currently here in city of Pelsburg. The young and small one, Diskind Segal, currently there. 1821". It ends, "Completed on the day with a double portion of 'ki tov,' 12 Sivan 1821. The small one Diskind Elas Av Shreiber."

* A sermon in Yiddish regarding Korach's claim about a tallit which is entirely blue, followed by "L'Peirush HaNal MeGaon Echad", "Ma'amar HaGaon Av Beit Din Rabbi David Oppenheim", "MiGaon Echad", "Mehagaon Rabbi Heschel" and "Shayach L'Succot M'Gaon Echad."

Specifications: [6] leaves, paper. 10x17 cm.

Condition: Fine-very fine. A few aging stains and a small amount of ink smudges. Fine condition.