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Machzor, two volumes. Especially large format for prayer leaders, in large letters. Contains prayers for the annual cycle, weekdays, Shabbat and festivals. With elucidations, commentaries and laws. Per the custom in Poland [Ashkenaz text]. Edited and proofread by Rabbi Zanvil Hanover.

* The first volume contains prayers for weekdays, for Shabbat, Selichot for the entire high holiday period, prayers for Rosh HaShanah and for Yom Kippur, with all the liturgical poems and hymns. Contains the special prayers that were customary in the communities of Ashkenaz.

* The second volume contains all of the Shabbat prayers, prayers for the three pilgrimage festivals, Yotzrot for all the Shabbats of the year - according to the customs of Ashkenaz-Poland - Selichot, prayers for Hannukah, Purim, Shabbat HaGadol, 'Ahavah L'Shabbat Ekev', Yotzrot for circumcisions, and all the special prayers that were the customary in the communities of Ashkenaz.

There are two title pages at the beginning of each volume. The first title page contains a copperplate illustration; the name of the artist is printed on the bottom of the illustration. 'Kuntras Minhagim' appears at the end of each volume, with a clarification of the customs of Ashkenaz.

[5] 390 [should be 380], 34 cm; [5] 430 leaves, 32 cm. Height difference between the volumes.

Overall fine condition. Several leaves in part II are restored with damage to text. Different bindings. 


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