Winner's Unlimited - No. 105

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February 21, 2018
Opening $ 200
Estimate $ 300 - $ 400

The book Sha'arei Deah', 'first edition which is Sha'ar HaChaim' by Rabbi Chaim Yehuda Leib son of Rabbi Yisrael of Brody, Lemberg 1878. First edition, uncensored, on the title page is the stamp of the Rebbe of Sochatov Rabbi David Borenstein.

In responsa 2 he was asked about young Jewish boys who went to learn in a gymnasium and desecrate Shabbat in public by writing on Shabbat, and their fathers are completely observant Jews who work in the wine trade, and as the sons work in their fathers' businesses the Rabbi was asked if the sons touching the wine makes in Yayin Nesech [because they publicly desecrate Shabbat]. He responded: "Even though it is difficult for me to reply to this matter that people who are steadfast would abandon their children to this idolatry etc." and discusses the writings of the early and later sages on this matter, he reaches the conclusion that it is possible to say this is not considered a public desecration of Shabbat as it is not a sin punishable by karet and a sin offering, and concludes: "That we should not search for reasons to permit it and one who is vigilant about his soul should keep his distance from them and I do not wish to expound on this matter." This responsum was censored in the later editions of the book as it was interpreted that the Rabbi was lenient about this laws, before us is the first edition of the book as printed in its entirety before the censor. On the title page is an ownership stamp of the Rebbe of Sochatov Rabbi David Borenstein.

Rabbi David Borenstein [1876-1943] the third Rebbe of Sochatov and one of the leaders of Polish Jewry before the Holocaust, founded the network of yeshivot "Beit Avraham" which operated in Poland until the Holocaust. He was one of the leaders of the Warsaw Ghetto during the Holocaust.

[1] 75 leaves. 33 cm. Old cardboard binding. Slight tears in the spine. Fine condition.