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March 27, 2017
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Responsa "and a few issues and discussion of the Baal HaTurim" by Rabbi Shabtai Yonah.

Specifications: 4, 140 leaves. 28 cm. First edition.

Unique features: Rare. The author was the rabbi of Greece. He was a "Rav muvhak and chassid and paskan." He corresponded with the Torah greats of Salonica: Rabbi Aharon Sasson, author of Shu"t Torat Emet; Rabbi Avraham de Boton, author of Lechem Mishneh; and Rabbi Yosef ben Ezra, author of Atzmot Yosef. [Refer to Conforte, Korei HaDorot, leaf 46a, for more information about these sages.]
The bottom of the last leaf features an owner signature of Yaakov HaLevi. This is possibly his contemporary, the author of Shu"t Mahar"i HaLevi, who stayed in Salonica for a short while during this period (Refer to, ibid, 47a).
Leaf 50b features a handwritten gloss. Printed at the press of Avraham Hager.

Condition: Fine. Blemishes and reinforcements to the marigns of the first leaves and last leaf, lightly affecting the text. Antiquated leather binding with a few blemishes. 



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