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Holy books, Manuscripts, Rabbinical & Admors letters, Americana & Judiaca

March 27, 2017
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Sold for $ 2,318
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Commentary on the Five Chumashim and novellae by Rabbi Shlomo Algazi. A complete copy!

Specifications: 94: 65: 42 leaves. 19 cm. First edition. 

Unique Features: The book was printed in installments, and it is extraordinarily rare to find a complete copy. The books of Bereishit and Shemot were printed first, and at their end (93:1) is written, "Finished, but not completed, as the money has run out". An additional part with Vayikra-Bamidbar was printed, and finally the final section on the book of Devarim. 

There are handwritten comments in the book's leaves, on page 2a is an owner signature: "Bought with money...the young one Yehuda Danon from the yeshiva of Rabbi Chaim Palagi" - Rabbi Yehuda Danon, one of the great sages of Izmir in his generation and one of the Dayanim of the Beit Din of Rabbi Chaim Palagi, who mentions him with respect and admiration in his books many times, refer to Chokukei Lev part two Choshen Mishpat end of siman 19, Ruach Chaim part two Even HaEzer siman 4 pages 3-4, Kaf HaChaim 10:41.

Background: The leading bibliographers did not see this book with all of its parts. Ya'ari only listed the first part in his important work on the Hebrew printing press in Izmir (Areshet I page 120). The last part is almost completely unknown, and did not reach the printers of Amsterdam who printed the book for a second time in 1710. [Refer to Shem HaGedolim of the Chida Ma'arechet Sefarim, entry of the letter Shin, letter 97; Yudlov, Ginzei Yisrael 884; Y.S. Spiegal Alei Sefer 4; foreword to Gufei Halachot of the Du"tz page 19].

Condition: Fine. A small tear on the title page with lack on the other side. A few worming holes, mainly on the last leaves. Faded cardboard binding.    

Books printed in Constantinople and Izmir