Winner's Unlimited - No. 101

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July 19, 2017
Opening $ 50
Estimate $ 100 - $ 200

Shneim Asar Tavim L'Yaldei Yisrael, Tza'adim Rishonim B'Musika [Twelve notes for Israeli children, first steps in music] - a work for children in an album edition with colored plates pasted among the leaves by Miriam Zilberman, illustrations by Iza Hershkowitz, published by the Center of Education and Culture of the General Worker's Union. Tel Aviv, 1948.

A music-nationalistic picture book to teach 5-8 year old children to play the piano. The author did not intend to teach the piano in a through manner, rather to introduce the children to the world of music through games which serve as an assistant to the traditional instructions. The author enlisted the famous illustrator Iza Hershkowitz for this purpose. The author and illustrator created associative works for the significance of the music notes in color, rhyme and pictures.

Illustrated plates were pasted between the book's leaves according to the topic of the songs. A complete album with all 12 plates.

Stains on the cover.

Fine condition.

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