Auction No. 098

Holy books, Manuscripts, Rabbinical & Admors letters, Americana & Judiaca

March 27, 2017
Opening $200
Estimate $250 - $300

Responsa and some compilations by Rabbi Yaakov de Boton of Salonica, son of Avraham de Boton, son of Yaakov de Boton, son of Avraham de Boton, author of Lechem Mishneh.

Specifications: [1], 273 leaves. 29 cm. First edition.

Unique features: Rabbinical signatures on the title page. Rabbi Ovadya Varsano, author of Sug Chomer, Chazon Ovadya (Salonica, 1775); and Rabbi Yosef Yekuel, author of Mateh Yosef (Salonica, 1785).
The back of the title page features an introduction by Rabbi Chaim Moshe Amarilo, author of Halacha L'Moshe and the Devar Moshe responsa.

Condition: Fine. Loose binding. Minimal worming holes.


Books printed in Salonica