Auction No. 098

Holy books, Manuscripts, Rabbinical & Admors letters, Americana & Judiaca

March 27, 2017
Opening $250
Estimate $300 - $400

Halachic responsa on the four sections of the Shulchan Aruch by Rabbi Yaakov Poppers Katz, Av Beit Din Frankfurt A.M.

Specifications: [1], 109: [1] 139 leaves. 32.5 cm. Section one: Orech Chaim, Yoreh Deah. Section two: Even HaEzer, Choshen Mishpat, separate title page for section two.

Unique features: Nice copy, complete, white paper with wide margins. Very rare in such fine condition.
The back of the title page features an approbation from the author's successor in the Frankfurt rabbinate, the author of the Pnei Yehoshua.

Background: The "Shev Yaakov" was a leading posek and religious figure in his time. He was the rabbi of Frankfurt for more than twenty years and headed its yeshiva. Many of his descendants were prominent rabbis and his Shev Yaakov is one of the most prominent books of responsa. 

Condition: Very fine - excellent.


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