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January 21, 2019
Opening $ 100
Estimate $ 200 - $ 300

Form of Daily Prayers, per the Ashkenaz and Polish customs, with English translation. Proofread according to manuscripts by kabalist Rabbi Shabtai Sofer. Published by "those who abhor bribes and pursue justice...for the benefit of Jewish children and to assist the Chevrat Talmud Torah and Chinuch Yiladim." London, 1821, first edition. Original, nice leather binding. Rare siddur, not in the National Library.

Siddur with English translation and instructions on facing pages.

238, XV 236-249, [29] leaves. 20 cm. Pages 98-114 are mispaginated. Original leather binding with gilt embossed decorations on the spine. Moderate condition, aging stains.

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