Winner's Unlimited - No. 101

Holy books, letters from Rabbis and Rebbes, Judaica, Maps, Periodicals, Postcards, banknotes, Eretz Israel and Zionism

July 19, 2017
Opening $ 150
Estimate $ 300 - $ 500

The prayer book according to the liturgy of the Ari with explanation of the words of Pesukei D'Zimra, and including the kavanot for Tzitzit and Tefillin and Kriyat Shema and Grace After Meals etc, from Rabbi Shneur Zalman of Liadi. Warsaw, 1886.

On page 122 of part 2 is a prayer for the welfare of the emperor and his noble family with an interesting mention of his name and the names of his family: "He shall bless and guard etc our master the father of the country Alexander III Alexandrovitch emperor of the countries of Russia and king of the country of Poland may his glory be exalted, with the Empress the Queen at his right hand in her great splendor Maria Tedrovana with their dear and exalted son the heir apparent Nikolai Alexandrovitch..."

Two parts in one volume. Separate title page for each part.

[10] 471, 466 [2] page.

Original leather binding with decorations in gilded embossing.

Binding and spine are detached, tears on the inner side of the binding. Brown leaves. Aging stains.

Moderate condition.

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