Auction No. 100

Rare and special items

June 20, 2017
Opening $ 4,500
Estimate $ 5,000 - $ 6,000
Sold for $ 5,490
Including buyer's premium

Description: 14.16 grams, 23 mm. axis 1. In an NGC holder, graded ch XF.

Obv.: Facade of the Temple in Jerusalem, made up of four pillars with bases and capitals. Between the pillars, an ark. Above the pillars, a sort of beam marked by two parallel dotted lines. The pillars stand on a high base resembling a horizontal ladder. On right and left, Paleo-Hebrew inscription (Shimon). Above, a sign similar to *. Rev.: Lulav bundle (without ethrog on left), surrounded by the inscription (for the freedom of Jerusalem). The coin is undated.

Archeological Coins