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January 21, 2019
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Simchat Yehudah and Chagei Yehudah on the small Talmudic tractates by Rabbi Yehudah Najar. Pisa, 1816. Long dedication handwritten and signed by the author [signed, "The Author"].

The author, the gaon Rabbi Yehudah Najar, was among the great Tunisian sages (d. 1830; Malchei Tarshish, p. 215-216). Member of the Beit Din and in-law of Rabbi Yitzchak Teib, author of Erech HaShulchan. Author of many works, including: Limudei Hash-mAlfei YehudahShvut Yehudah and Ohalei Yehudah. He corresponded with the Chid"a who called him "the great and complete sage, the "Sinai," Yudah Najar."

Stains. Worming damage with damage to text at the edges of the leaves. Moderate condition.

Attributed copies, signatures, glosses