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March 6, 2018
Opening $ 1,800
Estimate $ 5,000 - $ 8,000

Esquisses Africaines. Dessinées pendant un voyage a Alger et lithographies par Adolphe Otth. 1839.

Specifications: [39] pages, 36x49 cm. Album with [30] gorgeous two-colored lithographs, preface with a detailed description of each lithograph. French. Preface in 1838. Original binding.

Content: Album of plates sketched during a trip to Algeria and its environs, published together with notes from the trip. Portrait of the artist at the start of the album. Includes natural scenery, cities, religious sites, historic buildings and more.

Background: Adolphe Otth's journey was enabled by the French conquest of Algeria in 1830. In 1836, he set off on a trip to the Balearic Islands and Algeria as a nature researcher, primarily interested in insects, reptiles and amphibians that lived in the area of the Mediterranean Sea. He returned from his trip with many sketches, and chose 30 of the most interesting ones to create this collection of lithographs. His works express much talent and serve are a rare, high-quality collection.

Condition: Fine, original binding with embossing. Worn and stained. Aging stains on the wide margins of the lithographs. A small number of lithographs have large stains, with stains to the picture itself.

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