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June 20, 2017
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Shulchan Aruch Choshen Mishpat with Meirat Einyaim (Sm"a). Krakow, 1672. With tens of scholarly glosses in Ashkenazic rabbinical handwriting written soon after the volume was printed.

Specifications: 320, 14 leaves. 30.5 cm.

Unique features: Throughout the leaves of the work there are hundreds of glosses in Ashkenazic handwriting. The glosses are not signed and were written by a number of writers. Some refer to the words of the Sha"ch, where he disagrees with the Sm"a [the Sha"ch was first printed about ten years after this work was published]. Some of the glosses are references, and some are scholarly comments written by a proficient Torah scholar. He questions the words of the Sm"a and even writes, "I wonder at the Sm"a," "requires study," "This is not a question," and a contradiction from the words of the R"ma.
These glosses were not sufficiently inspected, however they were undoubtedly written by outstanding Torah scholars who extensively studied the laws of Choshen Mishpat.
Rare work. The Bibliography of the Hebrew Book lists this work according to an incomplete copy and the National Library noted that it was printed in 1670, according to a copy that was missing its title page.

Content: The title page and first leaves bear many signatures of Ashkenazic rabbis:

Yehuda Leib son of the great rabbi Menachem Mendel.

Neum HaTzair B'alfi Binyamin Wolf bla"r HaRav HaMeor Hagadol...Av Beit Din and rabbi of Chelm and son-in-law of the great Rabbi Yehuda... Av Beit Din and Rabbi in Krasnik (?). This apparently is the signature of Rabbi Binyamin Wolf, rabbi of Horodlo (Khorodlo), author of Anaf Eitz Avot on Pirkei Avot (Offenbach, 1719).

Shraga Feivish (?) of Leifnik.

... of Halshoi.

This Sm"a belongs to ... HR"r Gedalya.

Over the years, this copy has been passed between various prominent rabbis who studied the laws of Choshen Mishpat.

Condition: Moderate. Tears, stains. Binding in disrepair.