Winner's Unlimited - No. 105

Eretz Israel and Zionism, Postcards and Photographs, Numismatics, Posters, Maps, Judaica, Holy books, Letters from Rabbis and Rebbes

February 21, 2018
Opening $ 120
Estimate $ 200 - $ 400
Sold for $ 293
Including buyer's premium

Seridei Bavel. Fragments of gemaras and Hilchot HaRif printed by the Jews of Spain and Portugal before and immediately after the expulsion. Discovered and arranged by Chaim Zalman ben HaRav Yaakov Yosef ztz"l HaLevi Dimitrovsky. Sections one and two, with the "Sridei Bavel" booklet - a historic bibliographic preface by Chaim Zalman Dimitrovsky. Published by the Jewish Theological Seminary in America by the Maxwell Abbel fund, New York, 1979.

Two sections including hundreds of pages of facsimiles of gemaras and Hilchot HaRif from the 15-16 centuries. The leaves are in deluxe leather cases with red embossed text.

500 leaves. 36 cm. Stains on the bindings.

Fine condition.