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January 31, 2017
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61 pages. 14x20 cm.

The Story of Zionist Espionage in Egypt. Without name of printer or location of print. A different copy of this booklet bears a sticker with the text: Distributed by the National Renaissance Party. New York, NY.

This publication was published anonymously on behalf of a pro-Egyptian organization that called itself the "National Renaissance Party" to disclose the Zionist spying episode, the Lavon Affair, in Egypt in the 1950s.

At the start of the 50s, the Israel intelligence activated an Israeli spying ring in Egypt that worked together with the local Jews. The project was undertaken by Unit 131, whose mission was to spy in Arabic countries. This cell was supposed to cause the fall of Farouk's government, which was an enemy of Israel, and to destroy relations between Egypt and Britain by carrying out terror attacks on English stations in Egypt. These terror attacks were to be attributed to Egyptian factions. During this operation, a number of terror attacks were carried out by the cell in Egypt, but a few members of the cell were arrested and tried for their actions. The episode earned the title "Esek HaBish" (Bad business), and for years attempts were made to conceal its details from the public. 

This booklet, which was apparently printed in New York by a pro-Egyptian organization, reveals many unknown details regarding the affair. It includes the names of "Zionist" spies who operated in Egypt, photos of various British stations where attempts were made at terror attacks, including an historic description of the Zionist misdeeds, photos of Egyptian wounded with the caption "A victim of Zionist terrorism" and pictures of various places where bombs were neuteralized before they exploded.

Very rare publication that sheds light on an obscure affair in the history of the State of Israel. 

Fine condition.

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