Winner's Unlimited - No. 105

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February 21, 2018
Opening $ 180
Estimate $ 300 - $ 400

Ta'alumot Lev. Responsa and matters of halacha by Rabbi Eliyahu [Bechor] Chazan, parts one and two. Livorno, 1879-1893. First edition. Dedication in the author's handwriting.

Part one: Livorno, 1879. [2], 14; 112 leaves, 30 cm.

Bound with:

Part two: Livorno, 1893. [1], 76, 3, [2] leaves. 30 cm. [2] leaves at the end with bibliographically unknown errata.

A handwritten dedication from the author is on the title page of the first part: "A token of love ... Rabbi Yitzchak son of Michael ... from me, the author."

The author Rabbi Eliyahu Bechor Chazan was born in 1845 and immigrated to Jerusalem with his grandfather Rabbi Chaim David Chazan who was the Av Beit Din, travelled as an emissary to North Africa, served as rabbi of Tripoli and later served as 'Chacham Bashi' and chief rabbi of Alexandria. He headed the Agudat Rabbanim of Krakow which was founded in 1903. He wrote many books, including the book Zikaron Yerushalayim. Died in 1908.

Condition: fine. Simple binding.